En Circulo


The circle of ants is a phenomenon that can be observed in the following way: ants follow each other thanks to their pheromones. Sometimes an ant loses track of the group. Other ants may begin to follow the lost ant as they believe they are following the group. Meanwhile, the lost ant believes it has found the group by following the pheromones produced by the ants that follow it. That’s when the circle forms. The ants follow each other in an infinite circle that inevitably leads them to death.

Like the lost ant, does the individual who strays from the paths taken by society sooner or later face the need to get closer to his fellow man?

This need, while reassuring, can sometimes be sclerosing.

Human beings are not just followers. We cannot forget the creative dimension that inhabits each of us.

We Are Producers The act of creation often requires withdrawal, a decrease in isolation as well. What if it’s about measurement? In a moment of total communication, keeping a space outside the social circle can be vital. Find the balance. Affirm yourself in the difference and rebel when there is no other option. If the circle is too full, everything is blocked, and no one can move or risk collapsing everything, the emancipation of the masses becomes beneficial. Then he leaves to form another circle, where everyone would have free space for their personal expression




He is there…
A little by chance, maybe, but it’s there …
He carries a suitcase.
A suitcase for sawdust, the one for the circus tracks, one that keeps the memory of beautiful things.
A suitcase with juggling balls.
And then a hat, or several, no doubt. Flying hats.
Some strange instruments also to make music, build or deconstruct.
Then, in the luminous smell and dust of the wood shavings, he creates his universe. Without saying a word, he tells us a story. That of these red-nosed men, a little lost, a little clumsy, but rich in life and so much poetry. A story to smile, to laugh, perhaps. But a story to surprise, especially.
It is called a chip.
He is a clown.
He is there…
Tomorrow will be further.
Text written by Pier Lo.


Teatro círco poético

Show for all ages
EThe SUN (which means “soil” in Spanish) is the earth, where the seed grows and transforms, towards the sky, into a plant, into a tree. The soil where the roots grow towards the center of the earth, towards ancient mysteries. The SUN is the light, the energy that allows the seed to grow. The energy that feeds the earth and all living beings. THE SUN and THE SOIL where everything is born. Source of creation.
Hands and body as an instrument of expression. Dry leaves that create the scenery, witnesses of life and death, crackle the lived lives, the past stories. A circular space where the natural cycles that keep us in constant evolution will be present through acrobatic movement. A space for the audience that surrounds and gives life to this small Universe.
A small Universe of great emotions,
a solitary character that speaks to its emptiness;
A faint atmosphere where everything can explode.




Show for all public
In everyday life, we have a “real” view of the world. But what is the real thing? And if, in reality, the real was not so real; if we only see part of reality; What if there was a parallel life that we cannot perceive? A new reality A new look.
The third eye opens to a poetic language where the circus arts are intertwined with dance, drama, clowns and music. The third eye is this time that two artists share in a single space to create a universe that makes the public travel between a real world and a world of dreams.


Short shows



Juggling hats and clowning
Duration : 10 to 15 min

Viruta, Clown of all circuses. Hat juggler and a little magician, invites you to feel the scent of sawdust through a poetic world. Let yourself go into his universe.


Toco tu boca


Toco Tu Boca
Duration : 7 min

Toco tu Boca is born from the mix between a poetry by Julio Cortázar and the aerial dance by Wanda Mañas. Delicate, light and deep act that reaches our most sensitive parts. /
“«… We kissed as if we had a mouth full of flowers or fish, with live movements, with a dark fragrance …» J.Corazar, Hopscotch.

Mr. HooP


Aerial theatricality

Mr hoop is a serious, lonely man, a man who waits. The hope that despairs and reveals his other self.
A game of characters to transform your own identity into the air.

Shows on demand

Under certain conditions, our numbers can adapt to multiple technical restrictions (duration, music, costumes, etc.).
We also have at our disposal numbers of aerial tissue, juggling (sticks, bouncing balls, fire).

Autonomous gantry

For your outdoor events or if no grip is possible, we have a stand-alone gantry that can be adjusted in height.