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As many of you know, we returned from our Argentine containment and arrived in France on June 2.

Quite strong changes, from a country still confined to marseille life post confinement. It was fun, but it was hard!

And if not, for the work, of course, cancelled dates, several. On the other hand, other dates have appeared, alternative festivals, new forms of show respecting protocol, with masks, without masks, with distance, without distance, never the same, always alive.

And on everything, the main theme of this news, we had two major projects around the grassois country.

Through the villages, a project led by the Grasse Theatre (TDG):

13 companies, 11 villages and two districts of Grasse.

We have been summoned by the TDG to intervene in the Gambetta district of Grasse, the project is very open, we have a budget to make interventions/workshops/shows/meetings with the people who live in the Gambetta district during the fall period.Follow our actions on the FB page dedicated to the project: #CieEtoParlesvillages

And in parallel the second project, Reopen the World, a project completely organized by the Regional Arts Center of Cirque Piste d’Azur and funded 100% by the DRAC:

This project aims to create a bridge between the creation of a show and the artistic transmission in front of different audiences. 8 weeks of residence between 28 September and 11 December, 50% of the time is dedicated to the creation of the show “Viruta” and the other half of the time, to the transmission around this creation, in front of Crèches, leisure centres, families accompanied by social centers and others.

It’s all a grassy autumn for us, a time to meet our family and home that is Piste d’azur, to see friends again, to meet the young people of professional circus training, and on everything, it’s a big period of work in a time that, as an artist, the work is in need.

So we would like to thank very much to our partners, the venues, our collaborators and of course, to you, who read until the end!!

And stay attentive, or attentive (if you are women), because soon, very soon, a new video of the Teaser of “Viruta” will be online, a work that took time, but the result is breathtaking -I like this word-

The elbow.


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